Brand Ambassador

Are you a Social Influencer? We want to work with you!

Celebrities, Models, Bloggers, Artists, Stylists, Leaders ex.

How It Works

If you are selected to become a Lush Doll Brand Ambassador, we will supply you with a custom ambassador link and code, which you can place on your social media channels and anywhere else you have a following.

As a brand ambassador, you will be able to earn commission, 20% off store wide discount and free merchandise.

With this program we're happy to provide analytic features other ambassadors have asked for. Such as the ability to see where sales are coming from and what items people are buying, so you know what to focus more on in the future.


What To Expect

What does it mean to be a Lush Doll Ambassador? We offer the following benefits:

  1. 10% commission (which can potentially be increased, based on performance)
  2. Commission payments sent directly to your PayPal account
  3. Periodic sales reports, so you can see exactly which items you’ve earned a commission on
  4. Short and easy-to-share links
  5. We track cookies up to 30 days
  6. Earn commissions through coupon codes
  7. Directly paid out every 3 weeks
  8. Friendly and enthusiastic support - we’re always happy to answer questions!

Lush Doll Team

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